34 Inches of Candy Fun!

A nostalgic favorite loved by kids and adults alike, Super Ropes is 34 inches of candy fun. For over 40 years Super Ropes has been the must-have candy at baseball games, roller rinks and concession stands. It's soft and chewy candy that will last way past the seventh inning.


A Box of Candy Fun

With Super Ropes candy, having fun is easy to do. Super Ropes candy is available in a box that conveniently holds 15 ropes, making it an ideal addition to any home pantry or snack closet at work. This fun, playful treat, is just as much fun to play with as it is to eat



Super Ropes candy has been a fun favorite for decades. Most people remember getting Super Ropes as a kid from concession stands at baseball games or roller rinks. Like all good traditions, people's love for Super Ropes candy has been passed down from generation to generation. It's nostalgic, fun and playful. No matter how you eat Super Ropes candy, every bite is full of that clasic Red flavor that will make anyone fell like a kid.

As a family-owned company, the American Licorice Company started making candy in 1914. The company prides itself on using artisanal tehcniques in small batches that have been passed down through five generations. American Licorice Company continues to make some of the candy that has been an essential part of celebrating life's sweetest moments, while continuing to innovate with new and exciting flavors and textures. Whether you love black or red licorice, sour candy or sweet fruity flavored candy

American Licorice Company has a soft and chewy candy for everyone. Stock up on your favorites and let American Licorice Company help you celebrate life's sweetest moments.

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